The War of 2020

In the year of 2020, the battleground was no longer across a wide and vast battle field. No, the vile weapon is invisible to the challenging solider. The War of 2020 was fought by warriors on small fields of white. Lying on their backs, on sterile battle beds.

Frontline During Covid-19-Redefining First Responders?

COVID-19 has introduced us to a new type of invasion war. Creating a new “frontline” of soldiers fighting in a new type of army. The younger generation right now are helping to support the older generation and our economy. Has COVID-19 changed the definition of frontline and first responders? What are the differences?

Ode to Healthcare Workers -COVID 19

Ode to Healthcare Workers -Standing timid, like a mouse before a cat, Knock-kneed, shaking like rattles, they curse through the haze, Till on the haunting coughs, they turn their backs, And towards their distant rest began to trudge. Many have lost sleep,

Blog-The Girl Who Cried Latte

Blog-The Girl Who Cried Latte is a new twist on an old tale. Step back in time with me, when tales and fables were used to discuss beliefs, morals and provide entertainment. Barista’s and Latte’s.