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A Gem to share.

It is never easy to do the right thing
But it is never wrong.
Genuine Gem

The above quote was created through my life’s experiences. It is important to remember that life is a marathan it is not sprint.
Life is like a river, it is always flowing, always moving yet it is always there. It is the flow of life that often brings forward the questions of why? Similar to most questions, the answer cannot often be supplied by the questioner. In my life experiences, this is the hardest part of life. Often I want to understand why. My life jacket within the waters of the fast flowing river has been, the quote above and the reflection on the fact that life is a marathan. It is a journey. What matters most, to me, is being genuine throughout the journey. The words and writings I share are intended to provide hope. Encouraging all of our beliefs in the flow of life and to continue looking for the Genuine Gems of our journey. They are out there!

Keep looking. Here are some historical writings below. Enjoy.

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