Reviewing The Plague

Reviewing “The Plague” How an absurdist helped me to understand how to articulate to my son about how the fear of the unknown may rattle his life each and every day, but it doesn’t define it.

A small boy in a shed

A small boy walked carelessly -Home from school, Dark clouds formed above him-The weather became cruel
A saying spoke by his mother was the boys’ inspiration- “Our dreams help us to survive,
Keep hoping and never stop dreaming, That is what keeps us alive.”
The wind ceased to blow, A women’s voice called softly, From deep within the hollow

I Sang Often

When I was a young child, I sang often. Sesame Streets “Sunny Days” was a mediation of my childhood, a gift.

Blog-The Girl Who Cried Latte

Blog-The Girl Who Cried Latte is a new twist on an old tale. Step back in time with me, when tales and fables were used to discuss beliefs, morals and provide entertainment. Barista’s and Latte’s.