Chirp and Tweet

One longggggggg sentance that captures the early morning chirp and tweet wake up of birds beginning their day. Birds don’t often chirp or tweet while they fly- I wonder why?

The misuse of vision

Have you ever treated someone differently because of the size of their liver? Have you ever been rude to someone because of the size of their feet? Vision, a beautiful gift. Black lives matter, all lives matter. Nature reminds us of the importance and beauty of all colour

A Bleeding Heart

A Bleeding Heart
Do you have a bleeding heart?
I do.
I looked across the way and saw them, all hanging in a row.
Reflections on COVID-19 and our generational gap

Dirt Dissertation

I am dirt, says the dark brown chunks beneath the boot, as it walks upon the land.
I am support, says the solid ground, as the grass grows strong above.
I am beneath many, says the land, as it faces up to see the sky.

Does the Sun Whisper?

Does the Sun Whisper? Gotten sun kisses, painted pigments, not what one wishes ……On a sore exposed nose, burns can be found, colouring the skin, turning people brown…..ish red, an artisan, but what of the sounds? The secret ones, can they be found? Ears are listening, what would they say? One wonders, verbiage of a brilliant day?