Interview with God

Interview with God

What if you had an interview with God?
What if?
Imagine you are the interviewer and God the candidate, would God be successful in achieving a position in your company?
Interesting isn’t it?
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God is an entity and thus could not fill out sex as F or M on an application form.
God is the omega, both the beginning and the end, so how long would the interview take/last exactly?

What of the qualifications? No PHD or Masters but definitely has some serious experience……

A Leader? Definitely been the inspiration in millions of lives.

Innovative? Definitely, takes many forms……

Fearful? You bet, all that power over the universe, pretty daunting stuff.

Appropriate attire? Hmm…not sure about that one, colleagues might need to wear sunglasses all the time at their desks, the whole white light thing…….oh and they most likely would need to be chained to their desks to stop themselves from walking into the bright light……..

Yeah, God would definitely be a disruptor in the workplace. Would challenge and inspire, would provide hope and raise questions.
Yeah, there might be fear, but there would also be kindness and support. Definitely would be the best listener, after all those years of experience listening to others……

Some people might complain that God doesn’t work fast enough…….

Or that for sure there is listening but they can’t tell if God is hearing them……..

I think God would be a cool addition to any work team……the question is….would we be accepting?

Do we like to be challenged?
Do we like to work adjacent to others who are more powerful than us?
Do we trust people we also fear?
Do we think kind people can also be powerful?

Maybe the bigger question is……do you see God at your workplace?

I hear God works in mysterious ways…..

Maybe God is there… just are not sure how to know for certain…….

Keep Looking for the Gems…..there are millions of them out there…

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