Tell Me What Christmas Is

Tell Me What Christmas Is

Tell me what Christmas Is

A young child sat in front of a Christmas tree
Admiring all the gifts
With an authentic curiosity, he asked,
“Please tell me what Christmas is?”

A warm and loving face looked down
Upon the little youngling
An answer was required
To suffice this little ones wondering.

Picking up the child
Setting them upon a cozy knee
Pondering for a moment
“What a joy this will be”

Beginning to tell the story
Fearing the child might get bored
But as the story progressed along
The more the child hungered to be told.

Softly explaining the story
As the words entered the child’s mind
Taking a breath, she thought to herself,
“If only more people had a mind of that kind.”

Describing how people called Mary and Joseph
Had travelled such a long, long way
How the man at the Inn “had no room”
On that long and tiresome day.

Poor Joseph and young Mary
Who a baby she did bear
Had no place to stay
Nowhere had they, nowhere

The man at the Inn opened up his heart
And showed love to the strangers
He took the couple behind the Inn
And showed them to a manger

The young couple was so happy
As happy as could be
They sat down and rested
Beside their very tired donkey

Than a great thing happened
The most wonderful moment that could ever be
Mary had given birth
The Holy birth of Thee.

Shepherds came running with their flocks
For they knew that a Divine had come
Three wise men later arrived
Bearing gifts for the sacred one

And up in the sky
Shone a beautiful star
It shone so bright
It was seen from a far

For on that night
In a little town called Bethlehem
Came a baby who would be
A true shepherd of the lamb

The beautiful new baby was named Jesus
A Messiah is what he was
Then the story teller looked deep into the child’s eyes and said
And that my dear child is what Christmas is

Whether the young boy believed or understood
The storyteller did not know
And if we believe or understand
God shall wonder also

But as long as we have faith
Believing that goodness exists
There shall always, always be
A real true Christmas

For many Christians, now is the time of Advent, a time for preparation of a very grand celebration. A birthday party better known as Christmas. It is not about a tree or presents. It’s about the gift of presence.

The story can be a reminder that children bring change, light and hope into the world. Faith and religion are passionate connections for many people. I do not judge faith, I live on faith.

We are all connected through the Divine, we are one. Perhaps the challenges of 2020 have proven that. We are all victims to the earthly challenges of life. No matter our culture, or beliefs we are all the same. I remember stating in philosophy class in University that I was struck by how similar we all really are to each other, that our differences were our own unique strengths and that I wished we could all see our similarities more, instead of having a checklist of differences.

Needless to say, that was my lowest mark I have ever received in a class. Do we want to get along? Like really? I think if we really did, we would stop with the checklist of differences and start with the stories of connectedness.
I love life, through all its pain and drudgery it IS a good place.

Tell me what Christmas is? It’s a reminder of faith, and of hope and of course love. That’s it.

I wish we had more magic and belief now a days and whole lot less self-serving political correctness.
Mary and Joseph’s story could act as a reminder, that lockdowns occurred long ago. They were isolated with barn animals in a manger. They did not look at the others sleeping in the comfort of the Inn and wish for more, they looked around at the curious animals, the warm straw and gave thanks for what they had.

What will you see this Christmas?

Take a look around, because of the pandemic it is a different view, will you appreciate it and make it the best you can? Or will you simply as always want more or at the very least; want what you think you need to have……..perhaps what you have IS what you need. Tell me what Christmas is.

Merry Christmas….keep looking for the gems……

Charlie Brown
Linus Tells Charlie Brown what Christmas is
Smile a smile

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