Making Baking of the Future

Making Baking

My Grandma taught me how to make cookies. A lump of butter, two handfuls of chocolate chips and make sure you taste the batter as you move along through the ingredients; because if you don’t like them before they are baked, people are not going to like them after they are baked.

Making Baking of the Future

Making of the future to me, is like making cookies. Do you need a recipe? Maybe. I would suggest you need more of a guide. There are certain ingredients that make a future good. You will need to test your recipe as you move along through the making of the future, because if you don’t like it as you are working to put it together, most likely most others will not like it either and we are all in this together.Making Baking

Who can make the future? Anyone can put on the smock of success. Some will be messy in the kitchen of innovation, others will require to phone a friend when the batter gets too sticky, while still others will breeze through the recipe but they will forget to taste it and share with others as they move along through the process, and the final product could sit in a jar, untouched and unappreciated. There is no wrong way to make the future. There is no wrong person to make the future. The only problem is when people do not try.

Why Fear?

They look at the ingredients, the recipe and they fear the failure. They become frozen by fear, they worry that their baked ideas may sit in a jar and never being used. Do you know what I do when my cookies sit in the jar? I use them for the crust of my next baking creation. Unless they become moldy, then I make another batch of cookies because people are hungry and they enjoy the sweetness of life. I will also ask my cookie monsters to trial the batter before I bake them, it’s been a proven success for me.
Anyone of us can make the future. We really just need to do it, and keep doing it. Adding in a lump humility and a couple handfuls of dignity, making a really delicious future. Don’t forget to share.


I share this writing with all of you because many people choose to focus on the cookies sitting the jar in 2020. I encourage you to open that jar, to either use those cookies for the foundation of something greater or throw them out and start over. It’s okay.

Perfection does not live in the actions of doing everything right, perfection lives in the mind of the baker, the person creating their recipe. Try not to get caught up and be frozen by fear of the cookie jar discards. Engage with others through asking to listen, consider your own strengths and experiences and go forward and continue to create more experiences. This is life, in all its pain and drudgery, it is a good place, because you are in it. Get baking!!

Keep looking for the gems…..sometimes they are delicious!

Making Baking

Imperfection-I am not perfect…Sorry society I can’t be perfect


Definition of the Future

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