Imperfection-I am not perfect…Sorry society I can’t be perfect

“We were not put on this world to be perfect, we were put here to try.”


How does that sentence make you feel?

When the words entered into my ears, they acted like scissors, cutting away the strings that were attached to the burden boulders that were dragging me down.

The words in the sentence were freeing.


Words are powerful. As a certified Lifestyle coach I have learnt the power of hypo-linguistics, the power of words. Through my writing courses I have learnt the placement of words in sentences controls the perception of the reader. The old saying “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me,” doesn’t really seem to make sense nowadays does it?

We learn that words can lead to action and those actions are the stones that can break us, not only as individuals but as a population, a society. I am not perfect, but I am a good person, I am the perfect imperfection. Sometimes good people make mistakes. All of you are good people, I know this because all of us are created with kindness and goodness in our hearts and minds. My research? I have raised numerous children from birth; that when effectively raised to express who they are, without influence of personal bias are incredibly kind and honestly-profound human beings. Their intentions are always good however their actions can sometimes be challenging.

Then society kicks in, the stones fly at them and their hearts and their minds get hurt. I am not going to judge society and the often mean undertones that some people‘s actions can have; why? Because I know their origins were good, that we are all children of the universe, of God, and we were put here for a reason, for each other. We are each other’s teachers, each others listeners, each others support. 

“We were not put on this world to be perfect, we were put here to try.”


Lately I have been feeling that I MUST be perfect, that there is no acceptance of imperfection, a simple word out of place, even spoken or written 20 years ago, will mark me bad or totally askew to the society norms at present. I must speak a certain way or risk being judged. But I am NOT perfect, so this can and will never happen.

I will mis-speak.

I will misunderstand.

I will be open to judgement.

Because every day I change and I evolve and I learn. I will say or do something wrong in the eyes of someone. With the current ochlocratic approach to society that is happening now, through the use of public shaming and sharing that occurs through social media, I fear my character is at risk every day.

Sounds silly doesn’t it?

Who am I? But wait, what if I attend a party, a gathering of some sort, or go into work and say something that is perceived by the receiver ( some other person) that doesn’t understand me or know me or maybe they do and they share it across social media………..what then?

For years we have heard of the mental stress and pressure that many  popular celebrities suffer from. How they felt their every action was judged. I find it interesting that we have now all been put into this instant judgement arena. But wait a minute, I didn’t choose to be a celebrity, I am just working through each day trying to do my best in the moment and yeah, 20 years from now, it probably won’t look like I did my best.

Things change, hopefully always for the better. Everything happens for a reason and happens for the best. I believe this and I continue to move forward trusting in the ever evolving and learning world that surrounds me on my journey. Will my fellow worldly sisters and brothers accept imperfection? 

“We were not put on this world to be perfect, we were put here to try.”


Please allow me to grow. I do not have all the checkmarks in the check boxes now, but I most likely will on my last day on earth. The day of my total perfection! And that will most likely be my “check in” to my next journey into eternity or whatever you believe to be the final step of this journey. Why are seeking so much perfection now? Why is trying not enough? Trying is learning, trying is the steps toward understanding. It is the intention we need to be focused on and not the imperfection.

Children can bite other children when they are young, but they do not turn into vampires when they grow up.

When children bite, their intentions are not bad, they often lack the words to express their feelings and yet some others are teething. But taken out of context the receiving child or parent might feel the “biter” is bad, that the parents haven’t disciplined etc…. We need to allow for growth for understanding.

“We were not put on this world to be perfect, we were put here to try.”

Historical Wisdom

The quote I keep repeating in this post, was spoken by my 80 year old father. A man who has suffered tragedy, has lived a life of struggle and of blessing. He has made mistakes and he has had great triumphs. To know him now, he is a complete person and one of great perspective. But he would tell you himself, over his lifetime, he has learnt many things and he has made mistakes.

His growth oppourtunties don’t play out over social media for the ochlocratic society to judge. They play over in the media roll of his mind and experiences and that is where the real learning and growth occurs. We all learn differently and at differnt paces and times throughout our lifetimes. The checklist is for our life span, yet we all seem in a rush to have a perfect checklist today, right now. Society pressure can create resentment, personal growth can create long standing change within the individual.

I write this for those of you, who maybe like me, need to feel allowed to be imperfect. I am imperfect, I will continue to make mistakes, but my intentions are not bad, they are not malicious and I want to learn, to have continuous growth as a person. Learning from mistakes, however misguided they may be is what each day molds me into who I will be tomorrow. My imperfect past, creates the path to my perfect future…….and knowing that my future is bright, joyous and secure.

How about you?

Keep looking for the gems……….. imperfection

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