What is a Father?

What is a father?

What is a father?

Are they a mighty being?

Standing masterful and tall
Always ready to catch you
Every time that you fall.

Do they make mistakes?

Maybe just a few
Quick to auto-correct
Always sure about what they do

Can they move the biggest mountains?

Part the greatest seas
Be influential and strong
As powerful as humans can be.

Do they play the part of hero?

The loving vision in a child’s eye
Like a double scoop of chocolate ice cream
On a piece of warm cherry pie

Can they be soft and gentle?

A secret perhaps of many fathers
Having tea parties with teddy bears
Sharing their crumpets- “don’t tell mother”

Can they always be present and there for you?

Maybe not always physically
But with just a simple ask
By your side they will be

Do they show their love?

Expecting nothing in return?
Yes……….Except for;
Expecting cut grass and paying for your own gas
And being told over and over, “one day you will learn”.

Can having a child make a father?

Ownership alone shouldn’t qualify, having just a title isn’t good
Tears, pain, joy, laughter, acceptance and surrender
These are the measurements of fatherhood.

Is a father a mother?

No… they are something very different
They turn the stuck caps off pickle jars
And the money they give, is always lent

Mother’s eat the pickles from the jars
And mothers usually always “give away” the money
The mom’s, well they never pass gas
While father’s fart and find it very funny

So what is a father?

A father to me is quite simply
All of the above
And a few more important things like;
Caring, understanding and full of love

For the father’s who have passed
For the fathers who honour their kids
Thank you, Thank you, and thank you
For everything you do now and always did

Happy Father’s Day to all the active, present and loving Dads! We see you, we hear you and we love you.

Keep looking for the gems…….

Mother’s Day
A Bleeding Heart

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  1. mookie67 says:

    Being active, present and loving……totally agree!! Lovely post!

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