A Crap Day

We all have them…. a crap day. Here is my recollection of one of my crap days.

Hot Ride

This ride is endless, no…. it will have an end. Everything does.

I feel hot and wet. The middle of my back, between my shoulder blades, has water drops racing down to my bum, it’s a slalom of sweat. The backseat of the cab is awkward for me, the day has been awkward.

He pulled over too soon. Doesn’t he follow his GPS?
“Hey Dude, it’s just up the road, keep going.”
He looks at the GPS and shakes his head sideways, whatever that means. He just needs to follow the pirates treasure map with the red destination pin on it. I can see it on his screen, and I am in the back seat of this dusty car.

What is up with this guy?

This ride is endless, I am ready for the end. What a crappy day.

I feel like, and I am actually considering, how great it would be if I could just jump on the sun right now, burn up, become a nice piece of ash.

Good we have arrived. Stupid bags, I have five stupid bags, too many bags. He can’t drive any closer for me. Great, good customer service. What a crap day.

Taxi chit is sh***

I drop some bags on the grass and come back for the rest.
“Mam, there is no tip on the taxi-chit you gave me.”
I see the white paper, the payment that was given to me to validate the end, the of it all.
My eyes shift to the top left corner of stark white paper. I see the logo of now previous employer. My eyes fill with water. I slam the cab door. It’s not the cabbie’s fault, but dude, seriously I just told you I got let go from my job. Restructuring is crap. What a crap day.

“I guess it is what it is, no tip on the taxi chit!” I turn around and look at my office, now sitting across the grass in bags.

I cry to the grass, to the sky and to no one. I leave the stupid bags on the grass, I have no strength. This has been a crap day.

Heading toward the house now. The taxi has left. I want to get inside and quietly close the door behind me.

Turning around, I see the sun. Nope- no ash for me today, there are brighter days ahead. For now, more time for me.

But first let’s start with a glass of something cool…….

The endless Journey

Keep looking for the gems…….

I have found the best gems at the deepest parts of the valleys and their brilliance has led me to next mountain peak….

The journey of life, mountain peaks and deep valleys. We all experience them, we are in the journey together.

What is a Taxi Chit
A small boy in a shed
Smile a smile
Crap day

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  1. mookie67 says:

    Lovely imagery! The peaks and valleys, so true, they are the sine waves of life, the ride is endless!!

    1. So true, and the sine wave can also be a symbol for current or charged energy. Perhaps it is the use of that energy that keeps us going. Thanks for reading and responding. Be well.

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