Chirp and Tweet

Chirp and Tweet

One longgggggggggg sentence to capture the early morning sounds of birds

C & T anyone?

Chirp, chirp, chirpy chirp they go, high then low, never surrendering just chirpy- chirp, chirp; “quiet” is never heard, determined with their words, on and on and on and on and on and on they go; chirpy, chirp, chirp, chirp, chirpy chirp, chirp, chirp; tweety, tweet, tweet, tweety, tweet, tweet, tweet, tweety chirp, it aches, throbs my head, no zzzzzzzz’s for me, just chirpy chirp, chirpy chirp, chirpy chirp,
feathers fall,
silence doesn’t,
it’s gone forever and ever, it’s gone, lost, never to return,
just chirpy chirp and tweety tweet, on and on it goes forever chirp and tweet will ring in the air from near and far its chirp and tweet and tweet and chirp on and on and on and on, chirpy tweet, tweety chirp, but wait, somethings happening right now, one is flying,
it fly’s, with no sound from its beak, it’s a one task bird, no chirpy chirp or tweety tweet when flying,
wonderful bird,
such a wonderful bird that fly’s without a chirp and tweet; fly bird fly, keep flying so wonderful to fly, flying high and soundless, no chirp or tweet, such a wonderful bird, so true about birds and birds of a feather, they flock as the other follows, wonderful birds, such wonderful, wonderful birds, flying not chirping or tweeting or tweeting and chirping, just flying,
chirps are done
and tweets are done,
they are finished,
silence is the new

thank you.

Keep looking for the gems………

Be well and keep an eye out for those flying birds that give you a chirp…….

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