The misuse of vision

How do you use your vision?

The misuse of vision
The misuse of vision

Have you ever treated someone differently because of the size of their liver?
Have you ever been rude to someone because of the size of their feet?
One of these objects you can see while other is hidden, deep within the structure of a human being.

Vision, a beautiful gift and function of many species. For some animal species it allows for pro-active hunting, for humans we recognize others from a distance and enjoy the colours of the world. Ask any blind person and they would share the beauty of the world can be appreciated by touch, but those who had sight and then lost it, will tell you it is the colours they miss.

I find the misuse of vision so disturbing. It is dishonourable to those amongst us who cannot see.

Some animals adapt their colour to avoid detection from their prey. Female birds for example, have a duller colour so as not to be detected when sitting on their nests.

The question behind all the riots and violence over the recent death of a black man in the United States is;

If this black man could have changed his colour, would it have been a protection for him, thus creating a different outcome?

(Does this question make you uncomfortable?)

Historical records of violence against people that the United States call “people of colour” are well known and documented throughout the United States. (Question –so are white people – people of no colour? Or are they pigment challenged?)

In fact historical records of police brutality against the general public are high within that country. Things need to change.

I have never looked at the brown and dull colouring of a female Cardinal bird and thought she was of less value of respect over its brilliant red male counterpart.
Why would I?
Nature has provided me with the ability to appreciate all colour and all purpose of each creature, that I share this earth with.

I am truly at a loss to understand why an evolved species, us humans, act in such an ignorant way. I wish not to reflect on history, because TODAY we are writing the history of our tomorrows.
This is our history today, and what do you want it to say?

My youngest son’s response to the riots was; “Why are they rioting? You dont’t respond to violence with violence, it only makes more violence.” Out of the mouths of babes………..

But there is frustration, there is anger and there is a true tiredness of the status quo when it comes to how people are being treated.

I once had the privilege of being on the Michigan Mile in Chicago, Illinois during a protest. A young black unarmed male had recently been shot and killed by police. Many people lined the street of the Michigan Mile. They blocked entrances to the stores and they chanted words. They were full of despair, they were asking to be acknowledged. For people’s lives, all lives to be acknowledged.

It was a peaceful protest. They sat arm to arm in unity. It was powerful. You felt the power and then you felt the pain. It was the pain that grabbed at me. The power I respected and gave back my love and appreciation – they had my support. It was the pain, the unknown response to any action or word I might say that could hurt them further. I felt the despair, the loss of hope and understood how that pain needed to be treated, to be helped and supported.

The riots are an extension of the internal pain of so many. While I cannot support the riots for the destruction to many businesses and people lives, I can understand it. But where are the leaders?

Where are the peaceful, thoughtful leaders that can reach out and change this situation? Certainly just being told to stop is not going to work, and we can all see how it has not helped, only caused further hurt. With the unanwered requests to stop discrimination not being heard or acknowledged; why would a President saying stop or I will bring in the army make this stop? Where is the much needed leadership?

“You don’t respond to violence with violence, it only makes more violence.”

I see the female Cardinal bird in my backyard today. So uniquely herself and beautiful. I choose not to compare her to her bright red companion, why would I?
The world is so much more beautiful with them both together in it. A wonderful collection of colour together.

Maybe we should compare/judge people on their liver size. They impact our healthcare system, contribute less to society because they are tired…….all which impacts on the economy….but wait…..we can’t see people’s livers and that would be discrimination.

When you look outside today, what will you choose to see?

Keep looking for the gems……..

the misuse of vision
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