Smile a smile


Smile a smile
And while you smile
Another smiles
And soon there’s miles and miles of smiles
And life’s worthwhile
If you but smile

Gloom a gloom
And while you gloom
Another glooms
And soon there’s rooms and rooms of gloom
And who wants to sit in a room
Full of gloom?

Laugh a laugh
And while you laugh
Another laughs
And soon there’s rafts and rafts of laughs
And life becomes a raft of laughs
If you just laugh

Grunt a grunt
And while you grunt
Another grunts
And soon becomes a bunch of grunts
And everyone gets into a funk
All because of one single grunt

Wink a wink
And when you do
Another winks
And soon me thinks there’s lots of winks
And isn’t life more fun
When you just wink?

So laugh or smile
And when you do
Soon laughter and smiles
Will fill the rooms
And isn’t that more fun
Then a room full of gloom?

The first “smile” section of this poem, my Grandma shared with me. She kept a small book of inspirational poetry in her nightstand. It was anonymously written in the early 1900’s. I find it very inspiring in its simplicity of words. I love the cadence of the words and I expanded on it. The power of both words and the effect of emotions can have within a room is so influential. Best to walk in with a smile. 🙂

Keep Looking for the gems……..

I wish you a “big belly laugh” today…..until tears come into eyes…Go on you deserve it

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