A Bleeding Heart

A Bleeding Heart

Do you have a bleeding heart?
I do.

I looked across the way and saw them, all hanging in a row. Brilliant pink and white dripping from a lush green branch. The heart shaped flower, all puffed up and marvellous. When touched, so fragile to my finger tip. The bleeding heart flowers are a gift to my eye. Thank you.

My Bleeding Heart bush comes from my Grandmother. She has long since left this life, forever present however, with a quick glance of the heart shaped flower.

The flower emblem of COVID-19 for me is the bleeding heart. I remember of the importance and impact of our elderly generations and how blessed I was to have experienced life through the eyes of historical wisdom. All generations matter, our youngest hold the future, the current generation hold decisions and our eldest they are our history, reminding us of where our future could or could not take us.

I remember Grandma showing me pictures of her sister, she only had a few. My Great Aunt had travelled the world. An accomplished woman. She had been working on her PHD when she died. Most likely from the very disease she was researching in Central America. Considering that this historical lady’s journey and experiences occurred in the early 1900’s, her life ending almost mid 1900’s – is amazing. With women today, almost 100 years later, still struggling for recognition and career advancement, the word amazing just doesn’t seem to quite capture the significance of her life. What a battle she must have had in such a grossly patriarchal world. The sacrifices, the wisdom the history she could have shared with me and many others. Gone too soon.

A news channel recently broadcasted a young lady getting a spontaneous kiss from a stranger. She was in the middle of saying how negative she felt about wearing masks (she wasn’t wearing one) when it happened. The reporter asked about their concern for COVID-19, after all they were complete strangers. Both of them were unbothered.

I would have liked to have known my great aunt. She died of a disease, while battling to help others. A different generation. Able to see the connection and importance of people. I am not saying that the connection to our earth and eco-system is not important I am just concerned that we have lost focus. Focus on each other’s worth and value in this world.

Maybe COVID-19 doesn’t affect the younger generation with the same severity level as the older generations, but why does that matter? Why is consideration and concern for the lives of our elders, the historians of our present day truth, so dismissive?

When I look at Bleeding Hearts I see elderly generations. Providing beauty and inspiration, appearing strong, yet fragile to the touch.

We are all connected. When one life is gone, we all feel it. The ripples of impact are felt in society’s cultural shifts of generational populations. The fault lines of our lives earthquakes are always shifting. We are always changing.

Next time a younger person is flippant about protecting the spread of a virus to improve the chances for other people lives, I will think of the bleeding hearts. I will remember my Great Aunt and my desire to have had an opportunity to know her. The opportunity of time……

How about we give that gift, the gift of time, to someone else?

Let’s begin with this;
Boomer Remover- a term used for COVID-19 as it impacts on those of the boomer generation.
Let’s shut that down, please.
Imagine this – The Y should all die- isn’t that horrific? (I love the Y generation, and I also love all generations.)

So tell me what the difference is? Is one statment worse than the other? They are both horrific in my view.

Life is life and we all deserve it, for as long as we can have it. Because when we leave this life, we impact on generations long after we are gone.

We all have the power to mold our futures and all the people that will share it with us.

What actions will you take to leave a positive impact?

My Heart Bleeds……..

Sharing my love to all generations and putting a bleeding heart in my hair. 🙂

Keep looking for the gems…..

My Bleeding Hearts
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