I Bee Bumbled- A Bumblebee Stare

Bumblebee Vision

I looked a bumblebee right in the eye
Right in the eye
Has that ever happened to you?

Eye to eye with a bumble
Lost in the blackness
Praying not to fumble
Tiny black legs hanging
Hanging under its hairy body
A helicopter hovering
A marvellous site to see

A wrong move now
Could yield me pain
So I hold the bumble stare
Hoping not to wain

Sweat beads forming in my forehead crease
I freeze, tensing my muscles
Will this moment ever cease?

I am bee locked
Frozen in position
Take a swing or turn and run
What is my disposition?

Fear locked and awe struck
By a not even inch sized bee
It’s only protecting itself
Protecting itself from me

Then something happens
I think about sweet honey, and pollination
I think of humble, bumble and honey bees
Hovering around our nation

Working all day collecting
Storing, saving, pollinating
Providing sweetness to the world
To anyone with a natural sweet craving

But one quick jab from bee boy
I could get a lump, or anaphylaxis
Cellulitis and probably tears
None of these are my wish

I try to say thank you
With my bulging wide eyes
Hoping bee helicopter will accept
And kindly just fly by

Then, with a flash he was gone
That’s my black and yellow story
He must have accepted my thank you
If it had been a wasp……? Well that would be a different story…….

Keep looking for the sweet gems……they are out there!
Thank you bees, although you do make me weak at the knees….

Have a bee-utifal day.

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