A small boy in a shed

A Small boy

Tears from a small boy in a shed

A small boy walked carelessly
Home from school
Dark clouds formed above him
The weather became cruel

With a mile yet to walk
The boy ran for cover
He huddled in a small shed
His heart was all a flutter

The wind blew hard, the rain teemed down
Mixing with the tears from the small boy
The weather reminded him of his father
Angry, mad never showing joy

Crumpled in the boys hand
Was his mid-term report card
Two B’s, three C’s and an F
He would get a blasting that was cold and hard

He tried so hard to please his father
He just didn’t have what it took
For his father to believe in him
Never had he had a pleasing look

“I am what I am”
So why should it be
That my father cannot love, and be proud
Accepting of all of me

“Crack!” the lightening shouted loud
Outside of the tiny shed
Oh how the boy wished
He was at home in his bed

So many times he had tried
To reason with his Dad
“I am what I am,” he would say
A hard “Smack!” The answer to the lad

He had tried several times
To end his youthful meaning
What would his father do if he knew that?
Probably another beating

A saying spoke by his mother was the boys’ inspiration
“Our dreams help us to survive,
Keep hoping and never stop dreaming,
That is what keeps us alive.”

The boy never stopped dreaming
That one day his father would be proud
One day his father would accept him
And he would rejoice it out loud

When the storm was finished, the boy would walk home
Accepting the beating that was waiting for him
He would take the cruel punishment
From his father for his sin

His sin for being who he was
His sin for doing what he did
His sin for making his father unhappy
His sin for being just a kid

The lightning struck outside the shed
It struck for the very last time
The wind blew hard and fast
At last the boy felt fine

A tree had fallen directly
Upon the tiny shed
The little boy lay softly in the straw
Contently he was dead

The rain stopped teeming down
The wind ceased to blow
A women’s voice called softly
From deep within the hollow
From deep within the hollow.

A reflective poem on the power of relationships, expectations and acceptance. Keep looking for the gems……we can all sparkle.

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