Mother’s Day

A Mother’s Seed

Mother\'s,A Mother\'s Seed, Mother\'s Day
Planting a seed
Watching it grow
Rising big or small?
We won’t know

With favourable conditions
Warmth, support and love
Your seed begins to sprout
Smiling blessings from above

How that seed will flourish
Depends a lot on you
Patience, gentleness, nurturing
Your instincts help to see you through

There may be many “no shows”
At upcoming “fun” events
Because your seed is ill
No worries, your time is well spent

Sometimes the days will be long
As if time appears to stop
Caring for your seed, takes up all YOUR time
But wait! Haven’t you gained a lot?

For the world no longer evolves around you
It belongs to your little seed
All that you are as a person
Exactly what it needs

With all your endless time and energy
Your little seed has grown
What a wonderful accomplishment you’ve made
Be proud to call this plant your own

Spring is the perfect time to reflect
The strength, the courage of our mothers
Ups and downs, the love, the struggles
Mothers-comparable to no other

Nurturing the Seeds of our future
They, our mothers, determine what will come
It is the results of their best efforts
That we see reflected in, everyone

To all the mothers, like our farmers
Nurturing and growing their “crops”
Thank you for your time, your patience
We hope you never stop.

With LOVE and SUPPORT to all the Genuine Gem Mother’s- we see you! Keep sparkling!


Have a Happy Day

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Keep looking for the gems…..

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