Small Noticings

Small List of Noticings

It is the noticings that matter. Sometimes the noticings are not noticed…….all impact on us, consciously or subconsciously. What are your noticings today? Or not noticing….. 🙂

A Fan
Blowing the warmth from the gas fire place. The warm breeze crossing my toes, warming my mind. The humming of the fan gives quiet, consistent rhythm, like my pulse. I smell warmth, it comes to my nose as dry, moving air. Delicious….

The Fire
A silent roar coming from behind the noise of the fan. The roar is a spoken promise of heat and comfort. My skin asking for it. Feeling my dermis relax, the heat crossing over it, my pores open to receive its heat.

The Birds
Happy budgies chirping, singing, speaking with each other in the distance. Sounds reaching me from another area of the house. Like at a party, when there are chatty people in another room. The rise and fall of their voices, it is a crescendo of music.

My Young Son
Hearing his mind moving. The small hmms, the aha’s; he releases them. There sounds are unknown to him. He is setting up his action figures, acting out the adventures. There is an intense story, seeing his arms tense up. Hearing him hold his breath. Spittle spurts out of his mouth as the figures collide. It is suspenseful. Now silence. A soft consonant releases slowing from hits mouth, I cannot decipher it. The action is over.

The Paper
Crinkling softly as I write. Sounds of a silent protest, though quiet, subtle. The paper letting me know my thoughts. Capturing, acknowledging words, a permanent record.

The Pen
Hard against my index finger. Pinching against my skin. The finger-tip working collaboratively with the thumb. Grandma always said, “finger and thumb is how things get done…..”

May you all see the noticings in your day…..there are so many….so many gems….keep looking

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