Parental Acceptance

Parental Acceptance

Parental Acceptance, journey
A bright, cold place we enter into
Crying in fright, bent in fear
Afraid to open our eyes
Not understanding why we are here

Laid upon a warm chest
Kisses covering our forehead
Wrapped in cloth, bundled well
Comforting arms hold us, we are fed.

Later on we stumble
Not knowing how to walk
Hands reach out to encourage us
Soon we will begin to talk

School and sports engage us
Snacks and healthy meals fill our days
Guidance on our learning and attitude
Showing us the error of our ways

Different views and opinions lead to
Yelling and explosive discussions
Active lives, active words
Band-Aids, cuts and concussions

Loud active home time ceases
Apartments, education moving out
Change is never ending
It’s what life is all about

Time moves forward fast
A wedding, a partner, new friends
Life keeps moving older
Our upbringing coming to an end

Now as an adult
Turning to parents for advice
Soft words are spoken
Parents as honest advisors-NICE

Opinions are aged, outdated
Full of experience, a divine wisdom
Why did I not see their brilliance before?
Focused on self, not on legacy, that was dumb.

The journey is fast
It always had an end
Through all of it,
I understand now – you were the real true friend

Keep looking for the gems………

Dedicated to my parents. I get it now. I found the gem. I am thankful for having you along my life’s journey.

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