Hands-Writing about hands


Writing about hands.
Pigmented, purposeful, pragmatic, perfect. Holding them, like caressing a honey dew melon. The firm skin protecting a soft sweetness underneath.

How can something so soft to touch feel like strength?

Garnering attention with their grip. Respectful support with their reach, giving direction in their grasp. Their many movements communicating needs and wants. Like a tools, they fix things. Like a storms they break things. Like utensils they provide the opportunity to move and connect.

Their honeydew texture suggesting sweetness inside. Beyond the skin barrier, the protective layer, a connection. These multi-purpose tools, these excellent extremities emit an essence of bravery. Able to reach out with hope into an open uncertain environment. Extending in a gesture of welcoming kindness, taking hold of another hand, saying hello.

Distinct actions can provide promise or rejection. A closed hand creates fear, an open hand safety. Powerful promises live within our hands.

Beyond the flesh, beneath dermal protection lies attraction, a connection beyond understanding. Universal. An acceptance.
Receiving a hand, stirring the visitor. Wrinkles speak of experience, of time. Softness speaks of care, of frailty. Roughness speaks of use, of hard work. Verbiage through hands, influential.

Longing for their grip, their touch.

The power of hands.

Keep looking for the gems…….

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