Cultivating Connections in Cultures


Cultivating Connections in Cultures

Connecting culture
Connecting Culture

There are certain cultivating connections in cultures.
The sultry movement of an abdomen. Swaying, pulsating to the pounding pulse of the tabled accordion. Naval piercings, the sensual metronome, predicting the pulse of the beating belly. Gold bouncing bracelets,  chattering, laughing.  Wisps of sensual sweat slowly forming along the forearm.

Swirling, twirling, clapping, snapping- the bass beats becking bodies,  pulsate to the pounding pulse. Your heart beat bounces, purposeful.  Powerful Pendulums produce a gale, swinging above the nape, shining boldly  in the low light. The party has started. Glistening gowns, crimson red, powerful pinks, delicious green and canary yellow.  Reflective gold sandals. Cracking beads,  jealous jewels. Sensual smiles and tender touches, smiling sarees, so divine. 

Spice in the air, sitted statues on the floor, legs crossed. Butter chicken, jasmine rice, chai tea, spice face. Cumin kisses, aloo gobi, curry kindness, taste buds smile.  Cheers to  the chef, applause. Sneeze, hiccup, wiping a wet forehead.  Hands for tasting, the perfect utensils. Slowly sipping the fingertips, delightful.  Lips form a perfect O shape, release the heat.

White large Temple. Love, acceptance, Namaste. Divine feminine unite us all. Connective power, true collaboration. Emotions are strength, they slap the ego down.

Offerings of apples and bananas. Divine power, influence and direction is requested. Kneel. Succumb. Peace is coming. Goddess empower us all.

Shakti return.

“Ready to sweat?”
“Hun Ji”

In honour of family, acceptance and love for all. (For my Brahma partner, a blessing to share the world with you) Jai ho om namah shivaya

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