My First Memory

My First Memory

My first memory, turning 4 and the annual celebration of life. That is my first memory.

I remember sitting straight up on my bed, fully alert and filled with excitement. My pink wallpapered bedroom felt soft,cozy. The sun shining through the white painted weathered window frame of the 150 year old farm house.

No singing birds, the world lay quiet. Blanketed white, a fresh snowfall. Jack Frost visiting in the night, painting a beautiful design on my window pane. The artisan of 150 year old houses, the canvas, old weathered windows. The sparkling crystals of the fresh frost creating a glistening setting, the winter wonderland shone through the temporary jeweled frame. Magnificent. Everything Magnificent. Happy, joyful, today-my birthday!

My bare feet rejecting feeling the cold draft that lingered across the floor as my ten toes landed firmly on the hard floor. Indigent to the loud cracking sounds of the floor. Running, running fast to my parents’ bedroom at the end the hall. Like a professional gymnast, I landed a perfect 10. Performing a forward jump flip that reached from the end of my parent’s bed to the upper middle of the comforter, placing me right in the middle of my sleepy eyed parents.

“Hi!’” I smiled confidently.

Hoping soon, my birthday wishes would come true.

Presents were always opened first thing in the morning. I loved that.

Hugs and kisses abounded. If my brother and sister had not yet awakened with the celebrations, I would scream their names-loudly. My voice carrying down the hall, having the dedication and perseverance of a lighthouse beam through a heavy fog. My voice was brilliant.

My Mom, unlike a lighthouse, would nudge me and say,

“Just go get them.”

Like a proud birthday solider, following the sleepy sergeant’s direction, leaping off the bed. Another perfect 10. Bravely entering their rooms, summoning them to the early morning celebration. Like marching ants returning to the hill we trotted, single file, cuddling upon our parent’s bed. Actually my siblings, would always be a few minutes behind me. The bed collection of people eventually always occurred.

My parent’s legs vanishing on birthday mornings. All of us siting, laying around the double sized bed. Never feeling a lump beneath us, nor a groan heard. A soft comforter, our pleasant seating for the morning. Surprisingly my Dad, who liked to stretch his legs never spoke a peep of discomfort. Never a complaint. Yes, a magic birthday bed, welcoming everyone.

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Barbie Doll Cake

After a day at school, on the most perfect day of the year, followed with a Barbie doll cake. Perfectly made by Mom. The doll, standing in the centre of the creation, the prize. She stood beautifully. Her cascading icing gown, a delicate icing hat. The smell of chocolate cake, mixing with a whisper of sweet icing, filling the kitchen atmosphere. Fresh icing, a homemade cake, the best.

Candles of different colours and sizes, surrounding the edges of the icing gown. The count of candles, reflecting my new age. I, like a true birthday Goddess, making a sweet wish, blowing out the candles. A brilliant golden candle glow, illuminating my youthful face. The warmth on my face, warmed my heart. First the lights would be shut off, a quiet filling the room. The only sound breaking the silence, a wonderful serenade of Happy Birthday. The celebratory song, sung off tune, varying speeds and rhythms from the people in the room. Magnificent, pure joy.

Passing years brought trips to restaurants. A family dinner out. The magic birthday bed sitting empty in the early mornings. The excitement with joy continued filling the days. Full of fun, friends, family, laughter, joy, the gems of life.

The singing, it never improved. As our family grew, the additional members continued the off key salute. Keeping the singing unique and special.

As my body ages, with each annual celebration, I continue embracing the joy of my special day. Recently my birthday celebration bringing the appearance of two young parakeets into my life celebration. A wonderful gift.

One of them is named- Joy.

My first memory…..
Keep looking for the genuine gems…….

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