I hear dishes

I hear dishes

I hear dishes. They are stacked and being washed. The dishwasher is being loaded.
I hear an offer to go out to the store to get anything we need.

I hear dishes

There is kindness here. It grows from the root. Within the foundational growth of our home. Together we grow strong. There is strength within collaboration.

We are a team, there is no need to ask. Needs are seen before they are heard. This is visionary.

How do people become kind?
How do they know to grow their vision, attaching it to a feeling? This is connectiveness.

Leadership. Each home has a CEO and executive team. Modeling the way. Spoken words cannot be seen, actions cannot be heard, but wait…..is that truth?

We see the expressions given with the words, we hear the physcial movements and outcomes of supportive actions. Even greatness is using both together, unified, life learning can be felt.

Roots grow through connecting both the mind and heart at the same time. The type of root that supports generations, the type that can change a generation.

Plant some seeds, impact your future by modeling the way and remember, it starts with the root.

Leadership begins at home, within you. Through deed, through word, through each other.

It’s not easy. Liquid dishsoap has been used in the dishwasher. Creating a foaming explosion, cleaning the floors and surrounding area. Expensive alternatives have been purchased at the store, which maybe would not be the usual choice. There are challenges, but that is what learning and growing is all about.

There have been many a flower, shrub or tree that has been planted, that after a few years, requires to be staked or tied to help its direction.

It starts with the root, but it doesn’t end there. Growing and growing.

Let’s all keep growing together.

It’s a privledge.

I hear dishes.

I am going to go help.

Keep safe and well.

Keep looking for the gems.

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