I Haven’t, I Have


I haven’t, I have

I haven’t succumb
I haven’t been number one

I have sought positivity
I have enjoyed levity

I haven’t held my tail between my legs
I haven’t bent my knees and begged

I have tried to destroy ego
I have used the word no

I haven’t played politics
I haven’t laid down in the tall grass

I have tried to be the audience
I have tried to cut down the fence

I haven’t laid awake at night, my conscious swirling
I haven’t rubbed my head, because of constant hurting

I have slept deep and delicious
I have had clear thoughts

I haven’t been aching, unable to rest
I haven’t found myself performing a second guess

I have looked at my reflection, made it smile back
I have skipped a stone in water 4 times, that’s fact

I haven’t placed imagined tape across my mouth
I haven’t let others fill me with self-doubt

I haven’t kissed  asses
I stopped the self-bashes

When I accepted the have’s with the have not’s
I haven’t, I have

I became very happy, very peaceful

How have you been?

Have a great day and keep looking for the gems…….

I haven't I have
I haven’t I have

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  1. Thanks so much for linking back to my poem, I appreciate your kindness. <3

    1. Poetry is meant to be shared 🙂 keep writing

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