Dirt Dissertation

I am Dirt

I am dirt, says the dark brown chunks beneath the boot, as it walks upon the land.
I am support, says the solid ground, as the grass grows strong above.
I am beneath many, says the land, as it faces up to see the sky.
I am filthy, says the mud, as it’s washed away from murky boots.
I am the lowly one, say the loam, as the tractor moves across the field.
I am your strength, says the tall 100 year old tree, as its roots grab hold of the earth.
I am your inhabitant, says the wiggly worm, as it disappears into its home.
I am your dependent, says the tall corn stalk, feeding off the nourishment of the soil.
I am mud and chunks, says the dirt, I am walked on, the forgotten underneath,
I am the bottom. The foundation of higher things, solid footing. Seen as filth, washed away.

Let’s get dirty.

Sometimes we may find ourselves saying……I feel like dirt. Maybe that’s a good thing……I hope this reflection today for you, reflects on the possibility that the thought or saying-maybe isn’t so grim. Maybe it will help to makes us think differently about those words…..taking different forms, serving different purposes, but ultimately it is the support underneath all of us, and there is value and purpose…..something to think about.
Hoping you all have a dirty day….looking for the gems. They are out there….in the loam and the murk.


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  1. Beautiful! Uplifting and interesting. Thanks for linking to my post!

    1. Thank you – yes, linking to science ?

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