Does the Sun Whisper?


Does the Sun Whisper?

Gotten sun kisses
                painted pigments
Not what one wishes
               on a sore exposed nose
Burns can be found
              colouring the skin
Turning people brown
              ish red an artisan

What of the sounds?
     the secret ones
Can they be found?
     ears are listening
What would they say?
     one wonders
Verbiage of a brilliant day?

         perhaps words of hope
Secrets of brilliance
        deep secrets of worth
Spend us no hence,
        share us a sound
Looking towards,
       the brilliant yellow God
Share your words,
       speak the truth

Sun Whisper
Sun Whisper

Forget the kisses,
forget the burns
Sunshine wishes,
speak them now
Use your beams,
to block the wind
Your secrets means
to shield your words

Turn up the heat
     the clouds will go
Let us meet,
    the Sun similes
Tell them now,
    we are ready

Speak a brilliant vow,
        tell of hope
Precious sun,
        ears are cocked
Tell of fun,
        warm us all
Scald our hearts,
       through auditory heat
Do your part

No burning, No kisses
Whisper warm wishes
          We really want to hear
                            A whisper from the sun.

Hope you get a chance to see and listen to the sun today……it might be whispering…….
Keep looking and “listening” for the gems…..

Sunset pictures from Its all about Inspiration blog- nic pics
I Sang Often
Water Refresh

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