What is a Friend?

What is a Friend?

What is a friend to you?
Is it someone who is kind?
Someone who makes you accountable
Even when you’re in a bind

Do they stay close to you?
On cold and bitter nights
Always there to comfort you
Even after you’ve had a fight

What is a friend?
Do they always make the right decisions?
Prove that yours are wrong
Do they help to make you feel,
Healthy, wealthy and strong

Tell me, please tell me
For I am so confused
A friend can make you angry
A friend can make you lose

Why would you want someone?
That makes you both laugh and cry
I don’t understand
Some friends stay and others go bye

Why do we need a friend?
Does it make us feel powerful and strong?
Sharing our views and opinions
To hear their thoughts about rights and wrongs

I have experienced a bunch of friends
Now I think I can say
Why friends seem to need each other
Each and every day

Each and every one of us
Need someone to tell
How and what our day was like
Good, okay or not so well

So next time you need someone to talk to
Remember all of the above
For where you find a true friend
There is unconditional love.

I was 17 years old when I wrote this. A nice simple reflection on having people in our life. I had probably been betrayed by a friend or something, and needed to reassure myself that friends teach us about ourselves. All friendships are an opportunity to learn about ourselves. But genuine friendship gives unconditional love.

Keep looking for the gems. 🙂

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