Someone had turned the volume down on the World

Traffic Light

The Vacuum
It was like someone had turned the volume down on the world. Like being inside an air tight vacuum.

People were still crossing the street, cars were breaking, their red lights shining, their engines humming, people talking, there was no sound, an uber silence had taken over. The world became still, so still that it was as if the sound of a traffic light changing from red to green could be heard, “click.”

The traffic light changes from red to green, the sound is almost deafening, your body jolts from the profound interruption.

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Traffic Light of Life, confusing

How had the world become so silent?
How could the world go on around you?

Your keen senses unaware of the noise of life unfolding all around?

Perhaps it is the loud chaos that is going on within you, that is deafening you? The resounding chaos. A hopelessness which fills within you, making it impossible to hear or understand what is happening all around.

How did this all happen?

Life Swirl
Life sometimes, swirls us around. Like an eddy, spinning and spinning with no direction. Often we can become dizzy, sick, from the violent swirl of life.


Why does this happen to us?
What is the point?
How can we overcome?
Who should we seek for answers?
When will it stop?

Heck if I know.

I share this reflection with you as a means of connection. To accept, acknowledge and understand that all of us sit at the clicking stoplight at some point in our life.

Bill Gates

There was a very insightful writing that has been going viral across the internet and I encourage you all to read it.

Bill Gates COVID-19

You most likely will click on the link because it says Bill Gates and curiosity will encourage you to check it out.

Link to the unknown
The link I have included states it wasn’t written by Bill Gates at all, but it has went viral (no pun intended). Perhaps simply because the information included is engaging. I wonder if it hadn’t had Bill Gates attached to it, if it would have went viral at all. Even though the information in it is both insightful and profound.

The Global Pandemic we are currently facing will ask many of us to look within. It’s a stoplight moment.

Many of us, like the people that engaged this link are seeking understanding. Like many cancer survivors, divorced people, syndrome stricken, alone people and many others who find themselves at the “clicking” stoplight, are wondering why and what they need to do to move on.

The “Gates” letter engages a part of ourselves that has questions, and it gives the gift of suggested answers. If you chose to accept them.

Even if you do not agree with the statements, ideas given in the letter, whomever penned this, it is a good read. It suggests that maybe the world was bit lob-sided and a straightening was required.

For those of us sitting at the stoplight, it might not give you much comfort. The unanswered why of life is something I have sought my entire life.

Traffic Light, Green, Go, journey, why
Traffic Light Green Go

For now, in this incidence of our Global pandemic, I would suggest, we need to reflect within. We need to seek our balance and begin to prepare for change. Regardless of the country, the culture, the religion or the race,  this will bring change. Perhaps the best gift we can give ourselves right now is the gift of acceptance. Taking the time to listen, so we can hear the clicks of the traffic light, so when the light turns green, we are ready to move forward.

Keep looking for the gems…..they are out there.

Passenger on the train of life

Question Why?

Bill Gates- who is he

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Traffic Light

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