Things I Don’t Want To Do

Things I don’t want to do

These are things I don’t want to do, I’m good, had my fill.

Watch TV
Read a book
Cook a meal
Clean the house again, antiseptic of course

Call a friend
Call my family
Have a T-con
Surf all my social media, what’s the latest news, tell me the worst.

Stay inside
Lock the doors
Be alone
Drink wine from a regular glass, waiting for the pandemic to pass.

Things I never had time for, are now here at last……Forever?
I need to grab another glasssssssss

My reflective rant today. I hope you enjoyed. Isn’t it ironic, that all the things, most of us asked to have more time to do, we have now been given? Be careful what you ask for. 🙂 Keep looking for the gems.

Wine, glass
Reflection Isolation – Friend or Foe
Home Isolation

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