Making Contact-Drive By Birthday

Making Contact-Drive-By Birthday

In our current Global environment, making contact is a big no, no. Rightly so, the spread of COVID-19 needs to be contained and the only way to flatten the curve and grow our success is to remove personal contact from our interactions.

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Making Contact

How are you doing with that? I am thankful for technology that allows for video, telephone, texting and virtual contact. That we can still connect. Business and personal activities can still be conducted with our safety still being maintained.

It has really brought to my attention the importance of making contact, and the human touch. I am the type of person that feels the energy of the other person when speaking with them. It’s either a blessing or a curse, I haven’t yet decided. I do not believe I am an empath, but I must be close. The difference for me is the ability to hug someone, with their consent of course, or touch their hand after a deep conversation, allows me to heal our conversation, sounds weird perhaps, but it is an important connection for me. I am learning how to diffuse energy through other means and to be honest, its difficult.

Dad’s Birthday-No-Contact.

My Dad recently celebrated his 80th Birthday, we drove to his house, my elderly parents stepping outside on their porch and us singing happy birthday from the car. I started off smiling and being joyful in both voice and actions, then suddenly, tears poured from my eyes.

The first thing our parents do when we are born, is they hold us, cradling us in their arms, they are our protectors, kissing us on our foreheads. They embrace our energies and from that moment on, there is connection.

Before giving a speech or presentation, I have had the comforting pat on the back, or the “you can do this” hand squeeze.
Touch to me is an important part of communication and connection. When your kids are yelling, acting out and turn to run away, you grab their hands or arms and hold them there, firmly saying “we need to talk this out.” Touch it would seem, is an invisible verbiage, it is part of the conversation.

I am adjusting to this and for those of you, like me, I want to share some of my thoughts of human touch.

You can’t hug

So hug yourself instead

I couldn’t hug my father on his birthday, so I opened up my arms and sent a visual open hug to him. What was more connecting was to wrap my arms around myself and hug me. Enacting the motion of hugging. Acting out how I would hug my Dad, if I could. This felt more like a connection than an air hug. Air hugs don’t work.

You can’t kiss.

So kiss the air and wave it toward the other.

The act of the air kiss feels more productive and demonstrates your intent. An air kiss is the type of air borne contagion that I would appreciate spreading.

You can’t hold hands.

So hold your own.

Perform a personal hand shake, with your own hands. This is of course similar to Namaste, be it a vertical greeting of the hands or a horizontal one, it does create the act of touch.

For those of you who do not seek touch as part of an interaction, perhaps this may all seem ridiculous. I accept that. Please know we are not all the same.

If you have ever had reflexology, a massage or reiki, perhaps you would understand the significance of touch. It is healing.

Drive by Birthday

The invisible shield that surrounded my father on this Birthday was placed there out of love. It was his protection and there is great comfort in the restraint of honouring his safety.

Thankful for my vision, I could see him; that I could hear him and share a conversation from a distance. The “drive by” birthday will enter our history books. We made videos, sent virtual messages too. He later said it was a great birthday, so many people reached out. Not physically of course, by using the wonderful mediums of communication that we luckily have access to.

All of this for me was a lesson in the importance of connection both virtually and physically. We will make contact again. We need to. It is part of our connection that began on the day of my birth, and it will be the last thing we do before either of us leave this earth. I promise.

Many animals through both smell and touch greet each other this way and the human species is no different. I looked up the definition of human touch; a friendly and pleasant way of treating other people that makes them feel relaxed. It gave this example:
He is certainly an effective lawyer but colleagues say that he lacks the human touch. I wonder if animals have lawyer types among their species. Lol.

I will hug my Dad, my parents and many others again. I will also continue to connect to the energies of the wonderful people I meet along my journey. But for now, I need to hug myself more. I need to self-connect and grow strong through self-love, so that when the time comes, that connection will be amplified because I have grown that strength within myself.

Love You Birthday Boy
I love you Dad. I long to hug you because quite simply, I still can, because you are still presently here, on earth with all of us. One day you won’t be, we all know this, but that is also why I don’t hug you now, so your time here with all of us can be longer.

My lack of hugs is perhaps the best hug I have ever given. It is the most significant contact I have ever made.

Let’s keep sharing our journey together, searching for those gems.

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