Locked Down not Locked Up

Locked down not Locked up

Locked down not locked up. We get the difference or maybe not.
Locked up, locked down

I promised myself I would not write about the quarantine today. Wishing to spend time reflecting and refreshing our mindset on something else. But, I saw some things yesterday that really made me wonder…… Do we know the difference between being locked down and locked up?

Here’s my perspective;

Locked Up
-for the betterment of the community (safety for the greater good)

Locked Down
-for the betterment of the community (safety for the greater good)

Okay, so far we are looking the same

Locked Up
-confined to specific routines (limited social interaction)

Locked Down
-confined to specific routines (limited social interaction)

Ummmm….not getting any better….but wait this last one needs more explanation.

With a lock down you can still interact within your own family, in your home, and in this wonderful world of technology you can reach out through social media from the comfort of your couch. We baked chocolate chip cookies with Grandparents the other day over face time. The downside of course was that the grandparents didn’t get to eat the delicious outcome (cookies) but that was a very accepted outcome on our side. 🙂

We can go to the washroom when we want, and no one needs to watch (unless you have small children…..I know sometimes there can be an unsolicited audience)

I find it interesting that our society has been set up to allow the privileges of life to arrive at your doorstep. You can order from restaurants, grocery stores and receive all the luxuries from the comfort of your home. How interesting, not even 10 years ago in this same scenario, what would we have done?????

I cannot recall one person I have met recently who doesn’t speak of wanting to or having recently traveled. With Global travel, comes risk. We have opened our domestic doors to wonderful introductions of cultures and opportunities, but with that comes risks. Risks that I am willing to accept because it’s what we do with the risks that matter.

I see people so focused on the risk as being the name of COVID-19, not on what to do with it. Like thinking about what we could to help, then we would protect ourselves and others, it can be that simple. We love our jobs, we want to work, but don’t we love our families too? I am starting to wonder……

Political figures, government officials are saying, stay home, please be with your families. I would have never thought such words would been spoken from political mouths…….

How many times have I heard, “I need more time at home,” to many to mention.

Right now we need to be thinking about are all those husbands that said to their wives…..”I’ll fix that honey, the next time I am home and I have the time…….” Oh my, the little “honey to do lists,” might get shortened….maybe. 🙂

I was raised in an old century farm house. It still had the “blackening window shades” hanging on the windows when I was young. What is that, well back in the tangible weaponized wars, houses would pull the blinds down so air fighters could not see light from houses, protecting them, in case of

bombings……….air attacks….

People didn’t leave their homes, they didn’t have social media to speak to others and the phone line was a most likely public and shared. To see your neighbour you would have had to travel large distances, so you didn’t. The delivery service was walking out to the barn and milking a cow for some milk.

There are definitely similarities between the tangible war of the past and the intangible of our now viral weapon. But we have the devices, the connections to see people, talk to people and have the privilege of delivery to our door step.

We have had dart tournaments, karaoke night, baking bonanza’s and some really delicious home cooked meals. We are learning courses online and gaming has connected our family to other parts of the world through many interactions online. I think we have a lot to appreciate and be thankful for. I love my family.

But to be honest, we did this stuff before the lock down……..how about you?

Okay, rant done.

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