Reflection Isolation – Friend or Foe

Reflection Isolation,  Friend or Foe


friend, foe, batman

 Friend or Foe?  The world will know. 

Been up for hours now

                                                                Looking for the reason

Standing by the window

                                                                Watching all the seasons

The passing time             

                                                                It has a limit

It’s so easy to feel

                                                                Lost within it

A moment in time

                                                                An incredible thing

Can be a loss or a win

                                                                A joker or a king

Can be a mountains highest top

                                                                A valley’s deepest squat

Can be an incredible climb of hope

                                                                A very fast slippery slope

A bright red sun rose up this morning

                                                                A subtle warning

Will time be stopped by the setting sun?

                                                                The challenge over, the battle done

A bird flew into the window is that a sign?

                                                                Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock  the sounds of time

When will the finish line come?

                                                                Will all the work be done?

When will the suffering end

                                                                Will challenge become our friend?

Can someone tell us when

                                                                Come on, be our friend

We all need to know     

                                                                Will you isolate? are you Friend or


The fractured appearance of the poem represents the fractured thinking that currently exists. Let’s unite and connect the lines…..

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  1. Eliza says:

    It can become our friend. Everything we can either stumble over or climb onto.

    Love, light, and glitter

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