Home Isolation

Home Isolation

There is no quiet in home isolation
In our home, a small nation


Around, Words and feet
We are running out of meat


Fast words, loud feet
Loud words, fast feet


Then seven
Now fourteen, good heavens

    Up above

The rice, on the pantry shelf
I now have lots of help

    To reach

The magnificent seven beings
In our home I am seeing


Releasing words
So many they cannot all be heard

    At once

I ask myself “How many words can an ear eat?”
Until it’s full, what capacity does it meet?

    In Measure

How does a person know,
If they have had an Ear full?

    Of News

Next week will be a spike of cases
Globally I see many faces


Groups of people, if I attend
Will it be my end


People close to the family died
Can’t go to funeral to say goodbye


Sent the young adults to the store
Is that safe? You can’t handle hearing anymore


Spread has not yet peaked
How many will it be next week


The pandemonium, limited food on the shelf
Focus on others, not wealth

    Or else

This will never end
Call a family member or friend


Check in, help them out
The sick and the elderly – shout out


Collaborate and share
Make all of us aware.

    Of Weapons

Our Hands, to be cleaned often
By doing so will soften


Of being home
Certainly not alone

    By myself

Reflecting on breath
On thankfulness not wealth

    Of a nation

United we must be
Together we must see


Compassionate, holistic
Putting others first


Yourself on hold
Watch from home as things unfold

    Across the world

Health the great equalizer
Let’s hope this makes us all wiser

    To all people

Making a difference
In a role of offence or defense


Function of the Hand

COVID-19 – Collaborating a Contagion

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