Function of the Hand

Function of the Hand

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Function of the Hand
Did you know the main function of the hand in all vertebrates (that means all species with a backbone), EXCEPT human beings is locomotion? Moving around, getting from place to place. Human beings use their lower extremities, or legs to move around, and therefore the upper extremities or hands, are not needed to move around. I find it interesting that with our current global condition, our hands have become – a large part of locomotion. With the emergence of COVID-19 the understanding of just how much our hands interact and transfer messages, such as diseases through simple interactions with objects, surfaces, ourselves and other people. It should give us all a moment of pause, of respect for the importance of our HANDY work.

For primates, the tips of the fingers are covered by fingernails, these are considered a specialization, which improves manipulation. Interesting that if we do not clean our hands effectively, the fingernails become ripe areas for transferring of disease. I cannot think of a greater manipulation than that.

Palm Print
The palms and undersides of the fingers are marked by creases and covered by ridges. These are our palm prints and fingerprints. Their function is to improve physical sensitivity and grip. These same distinctive factors are reasons that our hands can transfer bacteria more easily.

Our Grasp
Our hand, the grasping organ at the end of the forelimb exhibits great mobility and flexibility. Among apes the hand is specialized for brachiation, which is hand-over-hand swinging through the trees. What human beings have developed now could be called, COVIDiation, which is hand over hand sharing of COVID-19. A type of locomotion and sharing that we all need to be mindful of.

Namaste and the Irish Jig
I did the feet tap hello the other day. I felt like a dancer in “Riverdance,” performing an incredible Irish jig. It was a good laugh. Namaste is my go to interaction with others. The kind and gentle pressing of your own two hands together in a prayer of introduction, is both blessed and safe. Removing all locomotion of bacteria and viruses,creating a disease free interaction. I will hug again, but for now the palm prints of our future are best left to ourselves, and not to be transferred to others. Frequent washing of our hands is the most effective way to remove the bacteria and viruses of all types from our hands.

COVIDiation our Brachiation
Be well, stay safe. Practice both the mindset and physical action of NAMASTE and the world will be a safer place right now. Or of course you can do the Irish jig, if you are more nimble. 🙂 Hands up and away, clean and fresh and let’s all slow down COVIDiation, together.

I have written previously about COVID-19 and how it is an opportunity for collaboration and cooperation. I have included that link below. It is happening now. The world, is talking, to each other.

COVID-19 – Collaborating a Contagion

Britannica Definition of Hands

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