COVID-19 – Collaborating a Contagion

COVID-19 a Collaborating Contagion

Did I type that correctly, COVID-19 a collaborating contagion? It is interesting to read that sentence, COVID-19 a Collaborating Contagion. With many industries taking heed, why would I type collaboration? I believe this contagion is cultivating collaboration. Creating social consciousness. Utilizing social mediums of this generation, and promoting meaningful connection. There has been many variations of the coronavirus. The major difference is that COVID-19 is highly infectious at this moment. Remaining on surfaces for hours. Capable of traveling possibly several metres in the air. Watching the movie Contagion, circa 2011 with Matt Damon, is a good reminder of how pandemics begin.

Cultivating Collaboration
As countries work toward containment, a flattening of the curve, a term used to describe the effectiveness of reducing new cases. We see Leaders working with teams of people, organizations, ministries and governments. A pandemic causes an outward vision, it cannot be avoided. While each country works towards the safety of their populations, that action cannot be accomplished without the support and communication with other countries. What is working for you? What actions did you take? etc…

Creating Social Consciousness
Self screening, thinking of your impact towards others is of high focus right now. The routine decisions of your life that prior to COVID-19 only really impacted on your personal life, now impacts on others. We all have a social responsibility to review our actions, to ponder the consequences of what we decide, and eventually do. WOW! If you could save the lives of your grandparents or elders by not going to the hospital, you would. Avoiding their home, because of the risk of infection, it is likely you would decide not to risk their health. Now it is before each of us to provide that same safety to others. To decrease that risk for others. For the other grandparents. Simply by not going out of our homes for 14 days if we are sick. We can decrease the risk to the elderly, the health challenged and we become the hero’s of prevention. After all, the best prevention IS prevention.

Utilizing Social Mediums
It is wonderful that we have the internet. This generation can continue to study online. We all can communicate through facetime, skype, text, email etc…. Utilization of these mediums, not possible for previous generations is a testimony to the wonderful improvements and innovations that allow the continued forward movement of this incredible generation. Yes, I would agree that those same mediums have stirred certain hysteria. Creating overreaction to concerns. Toilet paper running out in stores? A bidet or a splash of water, a more eco-sensitive choice. Becoming sick, does not require more toilet paper, it requires containment, perhaps constipation would have avoided this concern all together. 🙂 Seriously, this again promotes Social Consciousness. Understanding the facts, thinking of others and supporting each other. Critically thinking the media message- that has always been on us. Each one of us responsible for seeing the importance of asking critical questions.

Promoting Meaningful Connection
The elder generation remembers the times when families would sit around the house, talking, playing games, arguing, laughing, baking, cooking, chopping wood, existing, living together. No neighbours or friends coming over; your siblings, your parents were your social connection. As we look at limiting the assembling of large groups for a short time during this pandemic, it takes us back to a time where meaningful connection mattered. Sitting a few metres from each other and not shaking hands cause behavioural changes. Our words, our actions now hold more meaning. Creating connection through the effective use of words through one on one discussions. No more group thought for the moment, just yours. It is scary to some who have been exposed to social decision making, now is the time to remind yourself of you. Group texts and distance courses will allow for larger social discussions, again really focusing on your words and your actions. Our vernacular controlling the velocity of concerns and actions.

The sharing today, is meant to be thought provoking. A kind reminder that our genuine journey provides us with many different opportunities and experiences. Opportunities to act and exhibit the type of person we are meant to be in this world. For those of you who have lost, or will lose loved ones, my thoughts and honour of the difficulties are shared here, and love is given to you. For those of you on house quarantine thank you for being the modern day hero of our generation. For putting the safety of others first. That too is also shared with those who have cancelled trips or postponed events. These are heroic actions, yes they are! They put the safety of our society, of other people in the forefront of your mind, in your decisions, that is honourable.

This too shall pass, a moment in time. If we all act with the kindness and safety of others, the pandemic will stop. We do not need to change our lives, we only need to change our actions for this moment in time. Hopefully there will be a retainer of information in our minds. We will wash our hands more frequently in the future. We will respect our health and the health of others. So moving forward, when we have a cough, when we have a fever, we will be kind to ourselves, rest and stay home, use our media to communicate. In doing so, we protect ourselves and others. That is why I believe, COVID-19 a collaborating contagion.

* Special Note
I believe that change has a directly proportional relationship to innovation. Now is the time for all of us to look at opportunities, new and different ways of communicating and contributing to society. We see this with late night talk shows performing with no live audiences. Universities providing learning online. I myself will be focusing on using more positive, supportive words safeguarding my actions are kind, because we are all adjusting, but remember, we are all adjusting together.

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  1. Hey! Elected you for the Real Neat Blog Award…

    1. Cool! Thank you for the kindness. I am going to place a link to your site on the post. You have some great information, knowledge about biology. During times of global concern we need to share knowledge. I believe collaboration and communication are our best actions in times of unrest. Thank you again for your kindness.

      1. You’re very, very welcome!!

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