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The Girl Who Cried Latte

Once upon a time there was a young girl who loved working as a Starbucks Barista. Then one day she became bored. Standing behind the Starbucks counter, she got an idea. To amuse herself she took in a great big breath and yelled out, “Buy a Latte! Buy a Latte! The Lattes are delicious.”

The Lattes

All the customers came running up the counter to order a delicious Latte from the Barista girl. Soon all the customers were served their Lattes. While drinking their lattes the customers discovered something wonderful. The Lattes were creamier, more than ever before. The girl smiled at the sight of their joy. She had made them special, for her beloved customers.

“We are so happy with the creamy Lattes Barista girl” said the customers, “when there are more creamy lattes let us know!” They went happily on their way.


The girl sang out again, “”Buy a Latte! Buy a Latte! The Lattes are delicious.” To her happy delight, she watched the customers run up to the counter and order the very special creamy lattes.
When the customers saw how delicious the lattes were they sternly said, “Let us know when there’s more.” Save your voice and only yell out when there are the creamy Lattes!”
The Barista girl just grinned and watched them go happily on their way.


The Barista saw the calories and amount of fat in the creamy Lattes, she panicked. The additional cream would create cardiac issues for the customers. Was she now liable for all the customers’ health? Alarmed, she leaped to her feet and sang out as loudly as she could, “No more Lattes, No more Lattes, they are a risk to your health! No more creamy lattes.”

But the villagers thought she was making the creamy lattes again so they came running to the counter. “Stop ordering Lattes!” The Barista girl was angry.

At Sunset

The customers wondered why the Barista girl, did not make any more creamy lattes. Barista girl was not smiling, she looked worried. The customers went up to the counter to ask the girl what was wrong. Why no more creamy lattes? They found her weeping.
“There is too many calories and fat in the Latte’s, it’s dangerous to your health!” she wailed loudly. “I yelled out it was bad for you all to have them. Still came to the counter, wanting more! Why would you want them, knowing how bad they are?” Barista girl shook her head, tears ran down her face.

Barista Girl

An old lady tried to comfort the girl as she put her arm around the young beautiful barista. “I will help you share the information about the Lattes tomorrow dear.
“Remember,” the wise lady said to the barista.
“Nobody hears the truth……..when a beautiful young Barista, wearing a tight white blouse with three unbuttoned buttons, is the one speaking the truth!”

The Girl Who Cried Latte? is a new twist inspired by the famous tale about the Boy Who Cried Wolf, a link is included below. Hope you enjoyed. Have a great day.

Genuine Beginnings“>The Boy Who Cried Wolf

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