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Introducing….Genuine Gem Journeys. Why blog?

Why have a Genuine Gem Journey?

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Genuine Gem Journeys

We all deserve a bit of Genuine Positive Sparkle!

Why do this? Genuine Gem Journeys why blog?

Because I want to provide hope to those who are experiencing the darkness of the cave, helping them to discover, to see the bright gems that are waiting to be discovered in that dark cave.
Fortunately I have had many great learning’s. Physical, emotional abuse, single parenthood, financial struggles, job loss, cancer survivor/challenger and more…. I am sharing from a place, a platform of genuine experience.

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The largest challenge and learning has been being a positive genuine gem / light in a world where negative fake rocks are thrown at each of us every day.
I am a certified life coach and through those experiences I have learnt the importance of words, positive words and the importance of “re-wiring” of negative and often blocked mindsets.

My Genuine Blog will use fictional story telling (created by me), personal essay (stories experienced by me) and beliefs / opinions with thought provoking words and ideas. I genuinely believe that with all its pain and drudgery the world is a good place. Genuine Gem Journeys will be pursuing and creating those remembrances in the mindset of its readers. Because each of us is good. We are loving and kind, our compassion is what sets us apart from any other species and Genuine Gem Journeys is here to serve as a reminder of the greatness each of us have inside.

I can boldly state this because I have experienced great loss and seen the kindness of people, let my experiences inspire you. Life’s journey I believe is about learning and sharing. Being genuine.

A few questions for Genuine Gem Journeys blog:

Genuine Gem Journeys why blog publicly, rather than keeping a personal journal?

All of what I have experienced can not be for nothing! There is a reason, an opportunity and sharing publicly, perseverance, resilience, being positive, to see strength, to feel light – this is why I write and share

What topics do you think you’ll write about?

Life experiences, focusing on the positive and gems of life– after all we are in this journey together

Who would you love to connect with via your blog?

Whomever the universe sends. I am sharing publicly to inspire others along the journey creating hope and belief in the greatness of who they are. If the universe connects them to Genuine Gem Journeys then acceptance of their sparkle is encouraged.

If you blog successfully throughout the next year, what would you hope to have accomplished?

I am already successful because I am here with you.
Connection. Creating hope and having a positive impact- even for a moment- in the minds and hearts of one person. I am driven to share. If it is for one person that is amazing!

Are you ready to journey with me? I have a spot for you ? Do you have room for me?

Let’s Journey together and find the Genuine Gems of life, we are the ones to do it! Let’s do this together.

Let the Genuine Gem Journeys begin……..


Genuine Gem

Passenger on the train of life

Why Blog

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  1. Genuine Gem says:

    A genuine journey of inspiration and positive reflection. Sometimes a good read, a moment of reflection, or just reading something that is genuine can remind us of the gems we all experience along the way.

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