What is International Women’s Day

Women are volunteer miracle workers, assisting in the creation of human beings, the nurturers of life itself. But they are so much more…..they are the authentic, genuine collaborators of our species. Together both Matriarchs and Patriarchs can provide the balance our world needs. International Women’s Day is a voice – traveling down a long, dark tunnel seeking the light of acceptance and acknowledgement of balance and value. Let’s all shine together. Sharing my perspective on feminine divinity leadership, in my Alphabet of International Woman’s Day.

Alphabet of International Woman’s Day

Ambassador of Acceptance
Bureaucrat of Beauty
Commandant of Collaboration
Director of Divinity
Executive of Experience
Fatima of Forgiveness
General of Generosity
Headship of Happiness
Idol of Influence
Junoesque of Justice
Knightess of Kindness
Leader of Love
Monarch of Majestic
Noble of Nurture
Overseer of Optimism
Patroness of Peace
Queen of Quietude
Ruler of Reasonable
Sultana of Sensitivity
Titaness of Trust
Uber of Unity
Vanquisher of Violence
Warrior of Wishes
Xenial of Xenodochial
YHVH of Yoni
Zenith of Zeal

This is the description of the Goddess of our generations………This is Woman
Celebrate Her!

International Women\'s Day

International Women’s Day 2020
Genuine Beginnings

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow!! That is exactly what we are ,let’s celebrate females every day!ever where!!

    1. Genuine Gem says:

      The alphabet is a celebration song of women everywhere. Happy you connected to the writing, may it make your journey a little bit lighter, even just for one day. 🙂

  2. Awesome! I feel like women are going to slowly flick away all the men one by one… FEMINISM!!!!

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