Water Refresh


As the outside air enters my body, it dries my organs. Each exchange of oxygen makes the whole of me scorched, an internal desert. My body contracts, each extremity tightening as the organs turn to dust. The glass cup splashes with waves, splashing up each side as the water tap creates a vertical tsunami. Taste buds tally up the moisture left in my mouth as they prepare for the quenching, wanting to take in as much of the refresh as possible. Soon the quick waves of wonder disappear down the never-ending esophagus, the water bath over. A refresh is just what I needed.



Sometimes when I feel lost, and seeking genuine guidance, I look to Mother Nature. The Goddess of the earth. How beautiful and balanced. It is a privilege to see, hear and the feel the Niagara Falls in Canada. When you are there, you can become both refreshed and reflective. The magnificence of the power of water is awe inspiring. The sound is deafening, the movement of water over the falls is the Autobahn of the western world, and the feeling of refresh, of cleansing is overwhelming there.


Standing there watching the calm of the drifting water, its lazy arms and legs stretched out from shore to shore, taking its time to saunter down the river to the falls, so calm, carefree – slow motion of water. Then suddenly as if taken by surprise, the water screams out as it falls, smashing against the rocks below, so angry it creates a smoky steam. Its calm blue becoming a white crest of angry aqua, the sound of water fear fills the air. In a trance you watch as the water swiftly starts to roll down the new stream. Like an insurance broker you keep watching, concerned for its safety. Keeping an eye on what you believe to be the same splash of water as it ventures down the stream, you want to know the water is okay, but of course it is……


I have felt dried up, my body a walking pile of dust. This happened when things changed from the stretching stream, reaching and relaxing from side to side down the flowing river. When suddenly without any notice, the waterfall. I fought that fall, oh did I fight. No, No, NO! Let me back to the sauntering’s of my life stream. No matter how hard I tried to climb, my body drying out, surrounded by the flow of life. The momentum forward was so powerful, so strong, I went with the new flow. My life became the water fall, I was the screaming water smashing against the rocks of change. A short time after accepting the feverish fall, things calmed, not at first but eventually I began to flow down a different river. Now when I stretch and relax its with more dedication. I enjoy the scenery with more appreciation. Those waterfalls can appear without warning…..I will let my river flow.

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