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Ever listened to the word alone? It’s asking a question don’t you think? Say it again….alone.
Are we looking for a lone? Can we have a lone? Do we need a lone? What kind of a lone are you seeking? Long term or short term? Variable rates? Is it a lone of friendship, of time, of a smile perhaps? When someone feels alone, do they really mean that they need a lone or credit of some kind? Or are they the lone. Meaning like a lone for others and maybe they need a break from being loned out and used by others? What do you think? When you are alone, are you saying you are tired of being a lone of time and energy to others and you need to be a lone for yourself? Or when you feel alone are you saying you need a lone from others to help fill your energy and time? Is a lone good or bad, or is it just a statement. Perhaps we have never really honestly thought about.

It’s like an advertisement from an investment company, “Hey need a lone- I am here waiting to seek a lone. Is it repayable, what is the interest, what are the terms? It is different to feel lonely than to be in need of having or being a lone, is that correct? Being a lone suggests you might be by yourself but open to a lone of time from others. While lonely perhaps means you are actively feeling like a lone is needed, seeking an investment, someone to give you credit? Alone or lonely both seem to seek a borrow…… a borrow for sorrow or a borrow for tomorrow? Are those the terms?

A lone is it about giving or receiving? If you give something when you get a loan, than is it repaid and then are you no longer in the a lone stage. The transaction is complete. Whatever the meaning, creating time and investing in a lone for others in helping pay off their current term of loneliness is a great investment. Don’t you think? 🙂 Blog Gem

Genuine Beginnings

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  1. Genuine Gem says:

    Often when I lend a lone of time to others- I feel more complete. Like a transaction has occurred. How do you feel?

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